Family Photoshoot South Wales! Check out the family gallery for more!

Hiya! So, a little while ago I ran a family photoshoot competition over on my Facebook page. You had too like, share and comment on the post if I remember correctly to enter. I was really nervous about doing this. I’d wanted too do this for a while, but was worried that no one would even enter it! However, the reaction was awesome and far more people entered the competition than I expected.

Then the next thing I was worried about came, facebook live. I was rubbish at this bit! It was really nerve wracking, but I did it and the lovely Christa won! I had met Christa the year before at a wedding when she was a bridesmaid. We went to the forest of Dean and it was lovely to catch up and take some photos for her lovely little family – honestly the sweetest people. I have put a few of the images below for you too see.

Thank you! 

Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter the competition. Like I said earlier, I really was surprised by the response. I am thinking of running another family photoshoot competition at some point next year so keep an eye out for that over on my Facebook page. Also, you can contact me regarding family shoots, they are one of my favourite things to do. Family photoshoot south wales start from £75. 

What you up to now? 

Now that the year is coming to an end, I am starting to wind down with my photography now and can’t wait to enjoy Christmas. Christmas is my favourite time of the year. As I am writing this, I have one eye on my computer screen and one eye on the tub of ‘celebrations’ in my living room. I am going to be blogging more weddings and stuff I have been up too so please keep a eye out for that too! Merry Christmas!